“Don’t I would ike to allow you to get in some trouble, doll.” Jesus fucking Christ.

“Don’t I would ike to allow you to get in some trouble, doll.” Jesus fucking Christ.

Tidy up in aisle 3.

Kitten Part IX

Kylo Ren AU x Audience

Warnings: enamel rotting domestic fluff, NSFW, sub/dom, dirty talk, oral intercourse, ass eating, butt plug

Kylo Ren at Y/N in almost every fic:


Their Good Woman (Adam Sackler X Paul Sevier X Reader)

Dearest @clumsycopy​, thank you because of http://www.camsloveaholics.com/shemale/asian this request that is thirty-licious your persistence. I possibly couldn’t determine between one thing naughty or nice. No los dos so i thought, porque? I am hoping you appreciate it, my love! 💚

Warnings: NSFW, M/M/F threesome, masturbation, oral (f/m receiving), PIV intercourse, anal intercourse, bondage, adult sex toys, rough intercourse, slapping, spitting, orgasm denial, dirty talk, fluff, degradation, and much more fluff in the long run.

Hiii! We love your writings and I also had been wondering it’s the reader who is really horny and say these things to Clyde or Flip (or another character) if you could do 42 and 27 from the smut list, but like maybe ? If you don’t it is fine love, have day that is nice!

Helllllo, that is therefore sweet. Many thanks!

Personally I think like i would like some Clyde in my own life.

“Oh honey, you understand, you shouldn’t tease me.”

“ I assume I’ll just get down all by myself.”

Clyde Logan x Audience

Warnings: NSFW, mentions of menstration

Your duration ended up being due.

You’ll think about your sexual interest pretty high, nevertheless when you had been planning to menstruate? You’re borderline feral.

Clyde had been sitting during the dining room table with a calculator, cursing from time to time under their breathing while he did documents.

“When are you considering done?” You inquired, squirming in the couch as your pussy throbbed relentlessly.

“Dunno darl” he answered, without finding out about.

You groaned, causing Clyde to appear over at you with elevated eyebrows.

“Horny.” You huffed, folding your arms and switching your attention back into the television.

You looked to look at Clyde, he previously a smirk that is little their face.

You have up and stepped over to him. He deposit their pen, reaching around and patting your base while you endured beside him.

You bit your lip and looked down at him.

“Yer trouble.” He murmured, kissing your belly.

“Oh honey, you realize, you shouldn’t tease me.” You frowned, “I’m not joking, I’m therefore fucking horny.”

“I’ll sort you down once I’ve done this darlin’, okay?” He grinned up at you.

“Clyyyyyyyyyde.” You whined, squeezing your legs together.

He chuckled at your pleading.

“ I assume I’ll just all get off by myself!” You sighed, switching and walking towards the bed room, resisting the desire to appear right straight straight back at him.

You squeezed the wand to your clitoris and moaned loudly during the feeling.

You smirked at your heard Clyde’s chair scrape right back and his hefty base actions coming closer.

“Jesus.” He groaned, using in the sight of you laying in the sleep, totally nude, feet distribute wide.

“God yer a lil brat.” Clyde growled as he stripped their clothes down, he had been difficult, cock standing to attention as he clambered on the sleep.

You smiled as he watched, transfixed at him sweetly, putting down your wand and caressing your breasts.

“Gimme those.” He breathed, swatting both hands away and squeezing one while bringing their lips to the other.

You moaned, arching the back and distributing your feet a little wider while he sucked while he sucked your nipple.

His hand left your other breasts while he reached down in the middle of your feet, dragging their hands your pussy that is slick having a lips high in tit.

“Please.” You whimpered.

Their eyes flashed, he enjoyed it once you begged you were needy like this for it, when.

You pulled their lips off your upper body, pulling their face to yours, looking for their lips that are soft.

You gasped into their lips with urgency, bottoming out with a grunt as he pushed into you.

He knew you’ll are interested cast in stone, he set a pace that is punishing the noise of epidermis slapping filling the space.

“Oh god- bang- Clyde!”

“This- wha’- yer- desired?” He panted.

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