Presentation for course work

Presentation for course work

Today almost no defense passes without an electronic presentation for term paper. A visual illustration of oral explanations of the essence of the research carried out helps to clearly show its significance and serves as a good cheat sheet that provides the author with reliable psychological support during the report.


How to make a presentation for term paperHow to arrangeAn example of a presentation for defending a term paperFinally

How to make a presentation for term paper

According to users, the most convenient and easiest way to create a presentation is in PowerPoint. The program can be downloaded for free. This Word app comes with ready-made templates and tons of design styles. Step-by-step instructions on how to fill in pages, edit text, add pictures, print handouts and display pictures from your computer on another monitor is posted on the official website for information support for Microsoft Office products.

But the technical side of the issue is only half the battle, if not its hundredth part. The main attention when developing a presentation should be directed to its content side. The slides illustrate a five-minute defense speech, so it is important that they clearly relate to the points of the written report, on the basis of which it is delivered.

A big mistake during a speech is simply to read the text written in the picture. It should complement, but not duplicate, the author’s clarifications. Ideally, slides are created to show things that cannot be explained in words, and the teachers gathered in the classroom are able to read a couple of phrases on their own. If a student only voices a frame-by-frame text, this can be perceived as unpreparedness with all the ensuing consequences.

For a full presentation, 10-15 slides are enough, which will present:

university, author of the study, its topic – this information is indicated on the title page;goals and objectives, subject and object, relevance;for practical work – the basis, methods;theses for the main part – definitions, facts, quotes, tables, graphs;conclusions.

Not a single GOST regulates the presentation design, so universities develop their own methodological guidelines, where they recommend a specific structure and provide a sample.

How to arrange

So that the video sequence does not make those who will be present at the defense get bored or bewildered, it is necessary to focus on the main requirements for the presentation of the course work – brevity and high information content.

The basic rules for registration follow from them:

At the top of each slide there should be a heading, for example, “Title page”, “Questionnaire form”, “Equipment layout”, typed in a style that is the same for all frames.Large, legible font (no less than 24 for text and 32 for titles).It is generally accepted that the optimal number of words for a slide is no more than 40. Exceptions are tables, statistics and other factual data, but they should not be overused. To study them, listeners will have to digress from the speaker’s comments and delve into the comparison of numbers – attention will be lost forever.Each stage of the study should be assigned a separate slide with a laconic, in a couple of sentences, description of the essence of the actions taken. It is good if the story is supported by images – drawings, photos.Graphs, diagrams, essay on oedipus the king tragic hero diagrams with survey results should be extremely informative and as simple as possible for perception.No errors and typos – by default. The blurred eye effect can play a cruel joke even with a 100% literate, so ask your friends or family to take a fresh look at the finished material.It is better to choose a background of calm, discreet light tones. Use a contrasting color for the text.A minimum of special effects like letters pouring from everywhere, which, at the speed of a snail, add up to words and sentences, or geometric shapes of all colors of the rainbow beautifully and rapidly scattering to different corners. The wonders of animation make it difficult to understand the meaning and distract from the essence of the work.

Unbreakable trick: The title slide can be duplicated at the end to remind the panel of the research topic and the author’s background. Everyone has already got used to the “Thank you for your attention” at the end, the unexpected code will revive the audience.

Multimedia files in a presentation are a controversial point. Music and moving objects will draw attention to themselves – the presenter will have to be content with the role of an extra, or all this will suddenly but hopelessly freeze. It is impossible to reproduce sound and video in the printed handout, so it is not worth wasting time on such excesses.

An example of a presentation for defending a term paper

Title slide design options:

The rest of the slides are designed in the appropriate style.


When everything is ready, it is imperative to rehearse the report to check the performance of the presentation and its compatibility with the speech. On the eve of the defense, do not be too lazy to try out the fruits of your labor in action on the equipment installed in the university auditorium. It may turn out that the university computer does not have the necessary programs or drivers to reproduce the exact format in which the presentation was made.

Do not try to cram as much into the slides as possible: correctly selected for presentation for course information demonstrates the student’s ability to work with scientific texts and clearly communicate the results of his work to the audience.

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